About Us

We feel it is time to cease operations as we have achieved our goal of helping New Rochelle in a time of crisis.

We thank all our supporters, volunteers, city staff, the mayor, Iona College and many civic organizations. It was a deep honor to work with all of you.

As volunteers we committed to helping our local businesses at a time of unprecedented turmoil. Many of you joined us in making a positive difference during the global pandemic.

New Rochelle United For Business was a group of residents who were inspired to action by so many in our medical and healthcare industry, in our companies, and in our local government. They  responded to risk and fear with courage and smart action. We were inspired by our neighbors who  created ways to help each other every day.

We focused on small businesses during the pandemic. Thousands of people who work in New Rochelle were in financial peril. Locally-owned small businesses needed help ASAP.  

We founded this organization to unleash the purchasing power of our city residents by reducing uncertainty and inefficiency. Supporting local businesses in the challenging times of the pandemic required  a custom approach and special attention to the concerns of customers and supporters.

As part of the re-opening, we helped people find and get deals and discounts in New Rochelle to encourage spending in our city.  

We also helped people buy gift cards from local businesses, especially in the early days of the pandemic when stores were closed temporarily.

We also made it easy for visitors to volunteer their time to writing online reviews about their favorite businesses.

Again, thank you to all that helped us help New Rochelle!

gift card sales

Many businesses and organizations had the good idea of selling gift cards during the pandemic. See our gift card section for a listing of local gift cards.

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social media support

In addition to financial support, concerned residents want to volunteer their time to help. We lay out a process to improve the online presence of local businesses. Online reviews, ‘likes’, and other customer-driven promotional activities can make a tangible difference to many businesses that are having to rapidly develop online revenue channels. Anyone can do these steps for any business. This site shows you how.

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