New Rochelle United for Business does not charge any additional fees. Any fees are charged by the participating business or its affiliates. New Rochelle United for Business operates off donations and volunteer efforts.

On the home page, click the "Read More" link of a business.

A details page will come up for that business. Click the image of gift card entitled "Click to Buy"

That will lead you to a screen to choose the amount and enter your credit card information.

The process is solely digital/electronic.

The business will have a record of your purchase. You will receive an email message with the details about how to redeem your electronic gift card. The exact process can vary per business, but the 'card' is based on a unique identifier that the business will recognize when you redeem the card. If you accidentally delete the email, please contact that particular business for help.

Each participating business will have their own policies about this. Please check with your individual business for expiration dates and other terms and conditions.

Please see the FTC warnings about fraud related to gift cards:


Each participating charity will have its own policy in regards to the level of detail it will provide to donors. New Rochelle United for Business does not manage the distribution of the cards to recipients.

You can either ask someone at that business to contact us at or you personally can send your new business suggestions to us and we will reach out to them.The focus of our efforts in this phase is locally-owned businesses in the New Rochelle, New York area.

We make it easy to write online reviews and to 'like' a business. These are effective ways to help a business during the pandemic. Positive feedback from you helps other customers make the decision to support the businesses you like.

On the home page, click the "Read More" link of a business.

A details page will come up for that business. Click the image of gift card entitled "Click to Recommend"

That will lead you to a screen that gives video tutorials on how to write online reviews. It also conveniently has the exact web links to launch the review process for major online review web sites. These links bring you to the review section for that particular business, saving you time.


Funds go to the business chosen by the customer ASAP.

The primary reason for creating this web site is to help locally-owned businesses survive the negative economic effects of social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic. To do that, we need to get funds to your business as soon as possible. Therefore, as soon as the credit card transaction is fully processed, the funds go directly to the bank account of your business. You, of course, will provide the associated service/products when the customer redeems the card.


New Rochelle United for Business has strategically partnered with a gift card platform best suited for small businesses - GiftFly . However, many businesses already have electronic gift card systems. As long as these other gift card services are reputable and easy for consumers to use, then the business can use its existing platform on our web site. If the business chooses to use GiftFly, New Rochelle United for Business will help with the details of registration free of charge. The process is  quick and easy. See this video to learn more about GiftFly. New Rochelle United will not receive any financial benefit for signing up businesses on GiftFly.

Send us a note via our business sign up form. Include a phone and email address. We will contact you ASAP.

In this context, a "No Contact" process means the customer and employee do not touch as part of buying and then redeeming the card.

The typical process for these gift cards is "No Contact". The cards are purchased online and the buyer receives an email 'digital card', which includes a unique code. The cards are used/redeemed by telling the employee the gift card code. The employee types that code into a smart phone app on employee's phone to mark the card used. The owner / manager can review status of all cards using a web page or smart phone.

Some businesses may prefer to use other gift cards that use a different process involving physical plastic gift cards. In those cases, the web site will indicate that this is a physical card, rather than a digital/electronic card.





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