we are your neighbors


we are volunteers


we are united for business


Our city economy can survive social distancing if all of us use online gift cards for local businesses and their employees…



 …and if those with financial means and vision donate…







 … then with the right structure we can create the trust to buy gift cards  using a guarantee program.

With  trust we can bolster the confidence of residents who want to do the right thing economically now so we have a strong economy in the future


My name is Brad Brown and I live in New Rochelle, New York. I am part of a small but growing group of residents, who like so many others, are looking to make a positive difference during the global pandemic.

We are inspired by so many in our medical and healthcare industry, in our companies, and in our local government. They are responding to risk and fear with courage and smart action. We are inspired by our neighbors who are creating ways to help each other every day.

But another area at risk is our local economy. Thousands of people who work in New Rochelle are in financial peril.  

With a background of building financial and risk management systems for top-tier banks for two decades, I and our team are proposing a way to unleash the purchase power of our city residents by reducing the uncertainty of supporting local businesses in these challenging times.

More information will be posted as we get feedback and test.

New Rochelle United For Business is a very new group – we have not yet filed to be an official non-profit organization.

If our proposal is the best way to help our economy, then we will try to launch very soon.

Note that I do not currently own a business nor would I receive  financial benefits from this initiative. 


we are just getting started


Join us!